Schaer Statement on Christie’s FY 2015 Budget Actions

Assembly Budget Committee Chair Gary S. Schaer issued the following statement on Gov. Christie’s line-item veto actions in New Jersey’s FY 2015 budget:

“We made it clear from the onset that there were certain things in this budget we did not embrace, but we were bound by both legal and moral obligations that we could not ignore.

“Our stagnating economy made it obvious that we needed a departure from the governor’s repeated approach to the budget – kicking the can down the road year after year – to one where we all agree to do what is necessary to meet our legally-mandated fiscal obligations and to establish fiscal prudence. The Governor’s budget disregards these obligations.

“We are now one step closer to a moment of reckoning that will be far less palatable than this one,” said Schaer (D-Passaic/Bergen).