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Tucker, Wilson, Conaway Bill Supporting Former Troops Seeking Jobs in Commercial Trucking Industry Signed Into Law

Measure Would Allow Waiver for Former Soldiers with Experience Operating Commercial Vehicles from CDL Required Skill Test

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Cleopatra Tucker, Gilbert “Whip” L. Wilson and Herb Conaway, Jr. to waive the skill test requirement in obtaining a NJ Commercial Drivers’ License for applicants with qualified military experience in driving commercial vehicles has been signed into law.

“These individuals already have a proven skill base with qualified experience from serving in the military,” said Tucker (D-Essex). “Most have driven commercial vehicles in some of the toughest situations ever imagined. For their service and experience, they deserve all of our support when they return home to get them back to work as quickly as possible.”

“This law supports the many soldiers returning home with an incomparable experience in driving and looking for work,” said Wilson (D-Camden, Gloucester). “New Jersey should help open doors for our out of work military to get back to civilian life, obtain gainful employment and begin making money that will support their families. It is the least we can do for the sacrifices they have made for our country.”

“The on-the-job training our soldiers received while serving in the military should count when seeking employment,” said Conaway (D-Burlington). “The hard work and sacrifice of our soldiers should be rewarded when they return to home. Cutting a little red tape based on valuable experience is plain good sense.”

The law (A-2555) authorizes the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle omission to waive the skills test for New Jersey commercial driver license (CDL) applicants who have experience operating commercial motor vehicles while serving in the military. The applicants will be required to submit proof that they meet federal and state requirements adopted under the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986.

Under the law’s provisions, the waiver will not be made available to applicants seeking a CDL to operate: vehicles designed to transport 16 or more passengers; vehicles designed to transport between eight and 16 persons if used to transport such persons for hire on a daily basis to and from places of employment; vehicles transporting or used in the transportation of children to or from a school or other similar places of education.