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Wimberly: Let’s protect our children’s futures

(TRENTON) — Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly (D-Passaic) had the following published recently in the Herald News:

“Armoni [Sexton] was the latest of three children mercilessly gunned down in Paterson over the last nine months. Their promising futures cut devastatingly short by stray bullets.

“The threat of violence looms over neighborhoods, forcing residents to live under siege. It is a burden urban communities have carried for far too long. For the families shattered by gun violence, the burden is even greater.

“To mend New Jersey’s communities, some solutions are blatantly obvious. Funding education more than just efficiently but sufficiently is certainly a good place to begin. Give educators the funding they need to engage students and prepare them for college or work…”

To read the rest of Assemblyman Wimberly’s op-ed, please click here.