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Speaker Coughlin Names Assemblyman Moen as Chair of the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee in the 221st Legislative Session

TRENTON (January 30, 2024) — Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin has named Assemblyman Bill Moen, Jr. as chair of the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee in the new legislative session.   

Tasked with supervising legislative matters related to state tourism, the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee oversees cultural, historical, heritage and agricultural sites of interest, as well as state arts programs, including museums and the performing arts.

“Chairman Moen has been a leader on these issues and is deeply committed to the future of these industries for the residents of New Jersey,” said Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex). “Tourism is the second largest industry in our state and a vital source of revenue. Chairman Moen will work with all parties to grow our economy, enrich our culture, and ensure integrity in these enterprises.”

“I am honored to lead the Assembly Tourism, Gaming, and the Arts Committee as the new Chair, and I plan to work with my fellow Assembly members to craft legislation that will both shape the cultural and historical tapestry of New Jersey and bolster our vibrant gaming sector,” said Assemblyman Moen (D-Camden, Gloucester). “Through our oversight of state tourism, art programs, and gaming sector, we aim to create a rich environment that not only showcases our heritage but also propels New Jersey into a dynamic future.”

Moen also serves as Deputy Majority Leader and vice chair of the Housing Committee. He has been a member of the General Assembly since 2020.

Assemblyman Moen