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Speaker Coughlin Names Assemblyman Stanley as Chair of the Regulated Professions Committee in the 221st Legislative Session

TRENTON (January 25, 2024) — Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin has named Assemblyman Sterley Stanley as chair of the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee in the new legislative session.   

The Assembly Regulated Professions is responsible for overseeing, revising, and modifying laws pertaining to licensed professions, such as health professionals, educators, cosmetologists, and electricians.

“Chairman Stanley’s background in business and his commitment to common-sense standards will be valuable assets in his new role,” said Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex). “He was an effective legislator in his first term, including shepherding reforms of regulated professions in the medical and insurance fields to benefit patients and the industries themselves. He will be an excellent Chair in this new session.”

“As the newly appointed chair of the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee, I look forward to working with colleagues and stakeholders to modernize our regulated professions and address all those issues that concern the countless regulated professionals that our committee is entrusted with serving,” said Assemblyman Stanley (D-Middlesex County). “To that end, I look forward to putting the Regulated Professions committee to work so we can continue to maintain public safety and foster the greatness that is the hallmark of what it means to do business in this State.”

In this session, Stanley also serves as Deputy Parliamentarian and vice chair of the Assembly Education Committee. Stanley been a member of the General Assembly since 2014.

Assemblyman Stanley